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July 31, 2018
Five Examples: Why Patience Is Essential With Zacha
Author’s Twitter Going into August, the New Jersey Devils are surrounded by question marks, namely regarding the development of their young players. Center Pavel Zacha is one of the team’s most peculiar cases in this regard. The 2015 sixth-overall pick just completed his second NHL season...
July 30, 2018
Breaking Down The Riveters 2018-2019 Schedule
The Riveters have an interesting road to defend their title. – Riveters Twitter Last week, the 2018-2019 playing schedule for Metropolitan Riveters schedule was officially released, and season tickets are now on sale. I will not waste any time here. We are going to get right into the...
July 26, 2018
Devils Defense: Is Tobias Enstrom Worth A Look?
Sami Vatanen played a large role in the Devils top-4 defense core. –Getty Images As we approach August, the New Jersey Devils’ defensive core looks eerily similar to how it did when last season ended. Their blue line corps that struggled mightily for lengthy stretches last year has only...
July 25, 2018
Riveters Re-sign Pair From Last Season, Add Collegiate Defenseman
D’Oench lifting the Isobel Cup.- @me_yay_doench Twitter Another day, another signing for the Metropolitan Riveters. It is a big one as Miye D’Oench and Rebecca Russo have returned to the team for one more season. The Riveters also inked Harvard defenseman Chelsea Ziadie to a...
Evaluating The “College Factor”
Davies had a strong season at Northeastern-Photo via Jeremy Davies’ Twitter @JDavies_4 Follow me on Twitter @SammySTL5 There are many aspects an NHL scouting department has to consider when selecting a player, with size, skill level, and production all being key areas. Then there are the off-ice...
July 24, 2018
Devils Coaching Hires Big Steps Forward For Themselves And League
Twitter: @ChrisMottHockey John Hynes and Ray Shero during an interview – Devils Official Twitter Yesterday, The New Jersey Devils announced the appointments of Rick Kowalsky and Mike Grier as assistant coaches for the upcoming 2018-2019 season. Both will be taking over vacant spots caused by...
July 23, 2018
Five Potential Cap-Strapped Trade Partners For The Devils
Author’s Twitter As arbitration hearings get under way, it’s going to put teams limited on cap space in tighter situations, to the point where salary dumps are an inevitability. According to, there are 12 teams with less than $6 million in cap space and of those 12, seven of...
July 22, 2018
Riveters Retain Defensive Core
The Riveters were the 2018 Isobel Cup champions. -Buffalo News The Metropolitan Riveters 2018-2019 roster is coming into fruition. Earlier this week, they re-signed three key defensemen in Courtney Burke, Jenny Ryan and Michelle Picard. These are three very significant signings if the Riveters want...
July 21, 2018
Miles Wood’s Next Contract
Author’s Twitter With the Devils recently signing Blake Coleman, Stefan Noesen and Nick Lappin, their housekeeping with regards to RFA’s is almost complete – Miles Wood and Steven Santini are the two players that are still in need of contracts. Santini split the past two seasons...
July 18, 2018
Devils Sign Texan Duo Blake Coleman, Stefan Noesen
On Tuesday, the Devils re-signed the Texan duo—Blake Coleman and Stefan Noesen, to three and one-year deals, respectively. Blake Coleman has an AAV of $1.8M, bringing him to UFA status by the end of his deal, while Noesen’s contract has an AAV of $1.725M, after which he will remain an RFA...
July 17, 2018
Should NHL Contracts Include Opt-Outs?
-image from The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL and NHL Players Association is set to potentially expire in September 2019, when each side will have a chance to opt-out of the current agreement if they do not come to one of their own on an extension. It seems that...
July 16, 2018
Devils 2018 Development Camp Recap: The Standouts
2016 first-round McLeod put on a show during the Devils scrimmage. -Zimbio The Devils’ rise can pretty much be traced through their development camps. Four years ago, New Jersey had one single impressive prospect at camp—John Quenneville. The Devils then started to turn things around...
July 13, 2018
NWHL: Offseason Grades for Each Team to Date
Photo via NWHL Twiiter @NWHL Another week has passed by in the NWHL offseason. We are now at the five-week mark of free agency and the Metro Riveters have seen six signings and three departures thus far. It has now come time for the offseason grades of all five teams at this point in the summer...
July 12, 2018
Lessons And Warnings From The John Tavares Saga
Former first overall pick John Tavares signed for $77 million with the Maple Leafs. You don’t have to go very far back to know this writer was one of many Devils fans who coveted former Islanders’ center John Tavares. As we all know, the former first overall pick signed a seven-year...
Three Takeaways From Ray Shero’s Interview
Ray Shero has historically kept a low profile on July 1. -Zimbio Development Camp for the New Jersey Devils has concluded, after which Ray Shero was interviewed by members of the media and gave some pretty interesting insight into the Devils offseason. Below are three main takeaways from that...
July 11, 2018
Riveters Sign Audra Richards
  Richards played four seasons with the University of Maine. – Another day another signing for the Metropolitan Riveters. Former Maine Black Bear Audra Richards has signed a contract to play in Newark for the 2018-2019 season. The soon to be 24-year-old played all four...
July 10, 2018
Should Scott Niedermayer’s Number Be Retired In Anaheim?
Scott Niedermayer spent the first 13 seasons of his NHL career playing with the Devils. -Zimbio The Anaheim Ducks have recently announced two numbers the organization will retire this coming season. The most deserving out of the two is Paul Kariya’s No. 9, who spent the first nine seasons of...
Who’s In The Spotlight At Devils’ Development Camp?
Development camp is a time for NHL teams to get all their prospects in one place to showcase their skating, stick-handling, and hockey IQs. Most of development camp is just getting players used to doing things at the NHL level like practicing and exercising. The rest is essentially bonding and...

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