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August 29, 2013
Devils will remain on WFAN radio for a ninth season
Matt Loughlin and Sherry Ross are back The Devils have extended their radio partnership with WFAN Sports Radio 66 AM and 101.9 FM via a multi-year agreement. The all-sports station will continue to broadcast the team’s regular and post-season games, along with...
August 26, 2013
Devils complete deal to re-sign Adam Henrique
Center's offense will be vital with loss of David Clarkson and Ilya Kovalchuk The Devils have finally re-signed free agent center Adam Henrique, whose return never seemed to be in question despite summer-long negotiations. The contract is for six years and $24...
Zach Parise: I didn't take pleasure in Ilya Kovalchuk retiring from Devils
The ex-Devil was as surprised as anyone that Kovalchuk retired and left for the KHL this summer. Former Devils star and current member of the Minnesota Wild Zach Parise weighed in arguably the most shocking news of the summer to both New Jersey fans and the entire NHL...
August 25, 2013
Angry contractors file suits against indebted Devils before team's $320M sale
In the years leading up to this month’s sale, the Devils were at war with their contractors over millions of dollars in unpaid bills and promises not kept to an array of groups from janitorial services to a longtime Newark nut company, The Star-Ledger has learned. Essex County court records...
August 23, 2013
Devils: Still no contract for Adam Henrique; training camp opens Sept. 11
Rookies report for physicals Sept. 9, veterans on Sept. 11 In a summer of surprises for the Devils, add the ongoing contract talks involving forward Adam Henrique. Although both sides expect a deal to be finalized before the opening of training camp in just over 2 1/2...
August 18, 2013
Juice List 2013: The most influential people in N.J. sports -- No. 1
Gov. Chris Christie tops the annual ranking for the second time. Juice is power. Juice is influence. Juice is also subjective. Each summer, sports columnist Steve Politi ranks the most influential people in New Jersey sports — a list that includes team owners...
August 17, 2013
Juice List: The most influential people in New Jersey sports -- Nos. 2-5
Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is a newcomer, joining John Mara and Tom Coughlin from the Giants. Juice is power. Juice is influence. Juice is also subjective. Each summer, sports columnist Steve Politi ranks the most influential people in New Jersey sports — a...
August 16, 2013
New Devils owners say they are in it for the long haul
After a year of rumors, financial anxiety and back-of-the-napkin deals over the fate of the team, Harris and his partner David Blitzer, came in at the eleventh hour and made the winning bid. NEWARK — Joshua Harris, a very rich man with Jersey roots, big ideas...
Juice List: The most influential people in New Jersey sports -- Nos. 6-10
New Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann makes the list, along with longtime Devils czar Lou Lamoriello. Juice is power. Juice is influence. Juice is also subjective. Each summer, sports columnist Steve Politi ranks the most influential people in New Jersey sports...
August 15, 2013
Jeff Vanderbeek departs as Devils majority owner on 'bittersweet' day
Owner who brought franchise to Newark leaves behind a complicated legacy In business deals, as in ice hockey, as one side celebrates another is often stuck with disappointment. Thursday, as Joshua Harris and David Blitzer, a pair of high-powered investors, smiled next...
Politi: New owners will treat the Devils like a business, and that's a good thing
Josh Harris and David Blitzer have no plans to meddle in hockey operations. One of the new guys politely declined an invitation to lunch after his introduction as Devils co-owner, and really, that said it all. “I have to get back to the office and get some...
Video: New Devils owner David Blitzer: 'I'm a Jersey guy.'
During a press conference announcing the purchase of the New Jersey Devils by Josh Harris and David Blitzer, both men described their deep personal ties the Garden State. Blitzer describes how he still spends time in the Scotch Plains home where he was raised and where his parents still live...
Video: NHL Commissioner introduces new Devils owner Josh Harris
NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman introduced Josh Harris and David Blitzer as the new owners of the New Jersey Devils at a press conference announcing the sale and purchase of the team at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on August 15, 2013. In his remarks Harris describes his excitement in owning a...
Sixers won't be moving to New Jersey, says owner Joshua Harris
So while in theory it seemed to add up to a move for the Sixers to New Jersey, Scott O'Neil- who now manages both the Sixers and Devils- shot down any possibility of it happening. On the surface, it made just enough sense to make Sixers fans worry. The owner of...
Devils announce sale of team to billionaire Josh Harris
Sales ends nine-year run of ownership for Jeff Vanderbeek A new era for the New Jersey Devils began late Thursday morning with the announcement that the team has been sold to billionaire Josh Harris and co-owner David Blitzer. The sale has been approved by the National...
Juice List: The most influential people in New Jersey sports -- Nos. 11-15
Eli Manning and Martin Brodeur, two of the most successful athletes to ever call New Jersey home, crack the list. Juice is power. Juice is influence. Juice is also subjective. Each summer, sports columnist Steve Politi ranks the most influential people in New Jersey...
August 14, 2013
Devils likely to announce sale Thursday
Devils schedule press conference for 11 a.m. Thursday NEWARK — The New Jersey Devils will likely announce their pending change of ownership Thursday at an 11 a.m. press conference. Multiple officials told The Star-Ledger Tuesday that the team's pending sale to...
Juice List: The most influential people in New Jersey sports -- Nos. 16-20
Newcomers include two head coaches: Eddie Jordan with Rutgers men's basketball and Mike Petke of the Red Bulls. Juice is power. Juice is influence. Juice is also subjective. Each summer, sports columnist Steve Politi ranks the most influential people in New Jersey...
Devils deal could be done by Thursday
Thursday is the anticipated date for a deal between suitor Josh Harris and current owner Jeff Vanderbeek to be finalized. By David Giambusso and Craig Wolff Joshua Harris is leading an investment group that is likely to take over the Devils soon. Courtesy of...
August 13, 2013
Politi: New Devils owner must leave the team in Lou Lamoriello's hands
Josh Harris, a New York billionaire, is expected to complete a deal for the debt-riddled hockey team soon. His tendency to meddle in all affairs related to his baseball team, to issues as big as the employment status of the manager or details as small as the dental...
August 12, 2013
Who is your pick as the most influential person in New Jersey sports?
Eric LeGrand, the inspirational paralyzed Rutgers football player, topped the "Juice List" in 2012. Do people listen when they talk? Do they care deeply about the teams we love and the games we watch? Can they affect change, good or bad, on the sports...
August 11, 2013
Likely new owner of the N.J. Devils seen as a builder, not a destroyer
Firms such as his sometimes become corporate pillagers, gutting budgets and jobs from the companies they obtain. But Harris is generally viewed as a builder, not a slasher. Joshua Harris is leading an investment group that is likely to take over the Devils soon...
August 9, 2013
Josh Harris in line to be next owner of Devils
Philadelphia businessman owns the NBA franchise in Philadelphia, the 76ers Josh Harris, a Philadelphia businessman who has built a fortune buying down-on-their-luck companies, will likely be the next owner of the New Jersey Devils, arriving to rescue an organization...
Josh Harris likely to purchase Devils, officials say
If Harris and his group takes over the team he is likely to completely buy out Jeff Vanderbeek or take a controlling interest. Multiple investors could also share ownership. NEWARK — Josh Harris, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, has settled on a price to purchase...
Sixers owner Joshua Harris completes deal to buy New Jersey Devils, according to report
Harris' interest in the Devils was first reported by Eskin a few days ago. The deal reportedly will cover all of the debt owed by Vanderbeek. Sixers owner Joshua Harris has reportedly agreed to a deal with New Jersey Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek to purchase the...
Will the potential Devils' sale affect Lou Lamoriello and the team on the ice?
Tell us if you're concerned about how the Devils potentially changing hands could have an effect on the team. From a financial point of view, the reports of the Devils' being sold seem to make sense. As The Star-Ledger's David Giambusso wrote on Thursday, the team...
After years as face of the Devils, Vanderbeek likely to step aside
Vanderbeek made his fortune as a Lehman Brothers executive but cashed in a lucrative career on Wall Street to become the face and principal owner of the Devils. NEWARK — In 2005 Jeff Vanderbeek came to Newark with a hockey team, an architect's drawing and a...
August 8, 2013
Devils, NHL history according to Yankees COO Lonn Trost
His rambling stories leave everyone baffled as league promotes games in Yankee Stadium Good thing Yankees COO Lonn Trost isn’t writing the history of the NHL. In a rambling oration today heralding the NHL’s Stadium Series, Trost credited former Dodgers...
Devils and Rangers: Six outdoor NHL games in 2013-14 aren't overkill
Devils and Rangers meet Jan. 26 at Yankee Stadium The NHL isn’t worried about overkill when it comes to playing outdoor games. After the success of the annual Winter Classic, which was held on Jan. 1 or 2 between 2008 and 2012, the league is gearing up for six...
Lamoriello quiet on potential Devils' sale
Asked whether the sale will have an impact on how the team will be run and whether he will have the finances to make the moves he wants, Lamoriello said, “I can’t answer any of those questions until there is a change.” By Rich Chere and David...
Devils likely to be sold within the next several days
Philadelphia 76ers owner believed to be among potential buyers Jeff Vanderbeek last month. To his right are Mayor Cory Booker and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. David Giambusso/The Star-Ledger  NEWARK — A sale of the New Jersey Devils could happen within...
NHL likely to take over Devils, report says
Forbes report says NHL would fund and operate Devils while they seek a buyer The NHL likely will take over the Devils around the time the 2013-14 season begins unless the team can quickly find a buyer, Forbes reported today citing multiple sources. The report says the...
August 7, 2013
Sixers owners interested in buying New Jersey Devils, according to report
It's doubtful a move by Harris to buy the Devils would go over well with Sixers fans. Sixers owner Joshua Harris might be looking to get more than just a coach. According to a report from Howard Eskin of 94WIP, Harris and other members of the Sixers ownership...

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